The virtual COO for your team
you've been dreaming of

A cloud-based solution to help solve concurrent challenges for your professional service firms. From project management, knowledge management to business analytics, we are your one-stop solution.

| EasyTrack Job

From your office post-it billboard to a virtual Kanban board

What are the jobs that my team is working on right now?

You can easily view, plan and assign all job tasks of your team in one single interactive board.

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| EasyTrack Knowledge

From piles of papers to a virtual intelligent filing

Where can I retrieve the client-related correspondences and documentations from 6 months ago?

All historical documents, email exchange and chat messages are easily accessible and searchable on our cloud-based platform.

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| EasyTrack Analytics

From Excel spreadsheets to a virtual smart data analytics

How can I improve the productivity and profitability of all my client projects ?

All data are automatically captured, processed and converted into a real-time interactive dashboard with key insights.

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