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RoboRevenue Intelligence

Your business analytics tool for faster and better decision making

• Interactive business metrics dashboard
• Firms and teams performance indicators
• Profitability tracking by service & user

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Knowledge management service for seamless collaboration & communication

• Correspondence & documentation storage management
• Email, chat messages and attachment upload
• On-the-go retrieval through smart search functionality
• Full record retention of all project history
• Chatbot "Whatsapp Forwarding"

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Job management service for effective and strategic planning

• Advanced job and subtasks management
• Staff allocation and assignment
• Automatic job type specific checklist
• Automated deadline reminder system
• Delay detection and prediction

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Deploying AI-enabled automation pipelines that can extract and transform documents into actionable data

• Convert scanned bank statements into accounting system double entry inputs
• Extract court data from scanned legislative documents into PDFs

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