Advertising Professional Firms

Today technology has added more variety to the job of advertising professionals. Variety also comes with more complexity and we are here to simplify things in this dynamic and ever-changing industry.

We know that running an advertising professional firm comes up with a set of business challenges that you want to tackle on a daily basis. All you need is a business partner who understands the needs of your clients and ensures that you are making a breakthrough in your industry.

Repetitive Progress Reports

Every month, agencies spend lots of hours per client writing progress reports. Lack of automation prolongs this process, causing unnecessary waste of time. This issue worsens as clients expand their advertising efforts onto new channels.

Struggle to Manage Freelancers

In the advertising industry many agencies rely on freelancers. It is common that companies struggle to onboard, manage and pay their contractors and vendors. Keeping your external workforce running smoothly today causes lots of headaches.

Inaccurate Spend Tracking

Under or overspending client budget happens more often today. It becomes increasingly difficult for agency to track expenses across all the different platforms, channels and campaigns and provide reports on a monthly, weekly, daily and hourly basis.

Your Virtual COO Solution Designed for your Firm

Proactive Job Monitoring

From your office post-it billboard to a virtual Kanban board. You can easily plan, assign and monitor all job tasks of your teams in one single cloud-based interactive board.

Project management service for effective and strategic planning.

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All-in-One Job History

From piles of papers to a virtual intelligent filing. All historical documents, emails and chat messages are easily accessible and searchable on our cloud-based platform.

Knowledge management service for seamless collaboration & communication.

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Complex Time Tracking and Billing

From spreadsheets to a smart accounting solution. At anytime, you can easily create, edit, approve all timesheets, expenses and invoices of your teams in one single application.

Comprehensive time tracking and billing service for effective accounting management.

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